Ocean Harbor Insurance – For Commercial Vehicle

Auto Insurance can be divided into two main categories including for commercial and personal vehicles. It is quite easy to find an insurer for your personal cars; many of them are spread in almost every state in the country and you can find competitive prices and discounts too. In some cases, personal car insurance may offer some coverage policies which are probably usable for its commercial counterparts as well.

Is it necessary to purchase separate policies?

However, the commercial vehicle can be an unusual vehicle or it needs to haul specific type of cargo that you will find it necessary to purchase separate policies, for example with high liability coverage. Regardless of your business, chances are your customers live in different places, cities, or states. In this case, auto insurance that is specifically created for commercial vehicle is certainly an important thing to consider. When it comes to commercial vehicle insurance, Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance has always been a strong candidate to put into account.

Insurance from reputable carrier to minimize the risk of financial loss
The problem with commercial auto insurance is that it surely increases the overall expenditure your company makes. On the other hand, it is an important part to protect your financial investment in day-to-day operation. You need to make sure that you only purchase the insurance from reputable carrier to minimize the risk of financial loss, but without sacrificing the quality of the protection. Ocean Harbor has been dealing in this industry for more than a century, and it has one of the best financial institutions to protect your investment in your business. It is 8th largest commercial property and casualty insurance in the United States now. Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance is only a part of the entire services available provided by Ocean Harbor.

Two most important coverage
Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance provides at least two of the most important coverage for commercial vehicles including property damage and bodily injury caused by vehicles for business, whether you own or hire the vehicles.  Compared to personal car insurance, you will find different additional/optional coverage as well.

programs created with commercial vehicle
Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance for commercial vehicles offers interesting options such as Drive Other Car option which allows executive officers to use another car as endorsement. Apart from the general coverage policies, Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance also has some programs created with commercial vehicle drivers in mind such as GreenRoads and Driver Distraction.

Using in-vehicle device
Greenroads program is a monitoring service to track drivers’ behaviors on the road by using in-vehicle device. Driver Distraction prevents driver from getting distracted due to the use cell phone or other activities which may put some risks to the vehicle and cargo.

Ocean Harbor Financial
Ocean Harbor Insurance for commercial vehicle is a product of Ocean Harbor Financial. It is one of the best-rated companies in the industry in terms of financial strength; A.M. Best gives it An (Excellent), Standard & Poor’s gives it A (Strong), and Moody’s gives it A3 (Good).